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  1. Originally from around State College. But my travels for my job have found me spending a couple years in North Dakota, and now Georgia. I had figured the same on the 307, either way, the truck is in pretty good overall shape.
  2. Howdy folks, I had my eye on this mack that had been sitting alongside the road in Great Falls, Montana for a couple years and one time passing through it ended up having a for sale sign on it. Got in touch with the Gentleman and after two years of working out timing, I was able to bring it "home" in July of 19. Unfortunately, due to my military service my home tends to move often on me, so I've had to leave it in North Dakota until I can work out details back to "home home" in PA. After some research I had found out that I had a B613T, which came with the ENDT, and the gentleman had informed me that the engine had undergone a fresh rebuild when the current set of tires were put on it back in the 80's. By the time the tires had been run out, other trucks had been better suited to the construction work and the truck was retired from service. I have not heard it myself as it needs a radiator put back on, but sometime around 2017 the truck was started and ran, after freeing some sticky plungers in the pump. Fast forward to March of this year, another B model pops up on craigslist and it looked too good to pass up. I had been looking for a tandem, but another single axle that had some winches and setup as a tow truck... why not? I don't know many details about this truck, but discovered it is another 613 model, but no longer has the turbo engine in it, but the more common thermodyne. I'm not sure what happened to cause the engine swap, I can only venture that maybe they got tired of having head gasket trouble with an earlier version of the engine and swapped it out? Regardless, it "seems" to only have 14k on the Odo, but regardless if that's true mileage or not, the cab doors close as soft as a feather, and the seats as well as the headliner are all pretty well intact. This truck had sat for awhile, and I had the unfortunate displeasure of discovering that it had the PSM rotary pump instead of the inline pump. After scrounging high and low to find a replacement for the worn out pump, I now have my eyes set on getting the injectors taken care of. Being 7000 miles from the truck right now, and the fact that it hasn't even left the gentleman's place to sit on my friend's ranch, that's made that last task a little daunting. I'm hoping that after I get back from my deployment, I can get the transportation taken care of and get the injectors in good shape so I can fly out, put it together and hopefully hear it come back to life. I will be reaching out for multiple reasons I'm sure in the future as I tackle these two trucks, and I'm looking forward to getting them back on the road and enjoying them. Thanks in advance for all the support! Brandon 1961 B613T-4742 1959 B613T-2839
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