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  1. Whats up yall, just wanted to see what yall thought about my first ever Mack purchase. It's a 1995 RD690, 350hp E-7 with Maxitorque 13 speed trans. 146k miles/ 8600hrs. Most affordable concrete trucks I've seen so far are just shitty. This one was well taken care of. Mechanic loved it. Let me know what you think.
  2. hahaha yea man, wish you were here to help out with the buy, I certainly need it. I went out there today to check them out. 1st truck seemed good over all. Motor sounded good up until i pressed the clutch. Every time i pressed the clutch, it made a rattling sound. Guess it needs a new clutch. I also noticed that both sides of the rear suspension had plates welded onto the outer suspension frame. Not sure if its just the outer shell or not, but that raises a big red flag for me. Second truck I saw was identical looking, assuming it came from the same fleet. This one is the one you saw on the previous pictures i posted. Engine sounded great like the first truck, no leaks visible, exhaust clear as can be, clutch working good, overall good truck. But had the same issues as most of the mixer trucks i've seen (wiring issues controlling the mixer drum from the cab and rear of truck). Like you said, this problem is common on these trucks due to the exposure they go through. But this truck was the best one i've seen. I'll be taking a mechanic over to check it out soon. If he gives the thumbs up, i'll negotiate a deal with the lot (the lot has a mechanic shop that'll fix anything wrong with the truck, so truck will leave the lot working 100%). I'll be new to the concrete and trucking business soon, but i can tell you this, I'm now extremely interested in learning a lot more about trucks than concrete. Thanks for your help! Any other advice i'm open to. I tried posting more of the pictures i took earlier but it's giving me an error message. Anyway, if you're interested in seeing them just shoot me an email. Tavo
  3. Thanks for the input, really detailed and helpful. I came across a couple of 1995 RD's with about 150k miles each. Looks like they came from the same fleet, both very clean. Looking at the pictures they seem well maintained (not so sure about the way the engine looks). Would you say those had the same problems the 2000 came with? Or would you say the older models like the 95's were better built? I'll be looking at it tomorrow. Depending on how the motor runs, I may bring in a mechanic to look at it at a later date.
  4. I'm new to the trucking world and looking to purchase a concrete truck. I've always loved Mack trucks so i've decided to make one my 1st. There are two trucks i'm interested in (2004 & 2000) but they both have their goods and bads. I had a mechanic look at the 2004 and the only issues it had was electrical (headlights / flashers / cab controls & rear controls for drum no working). Mechanically, everything seemed good. I've also been doing my research and found that this year, Macks were placing EGR systems in their motors and had many issues. The truck has 220k miles on it, so not sure if these issues have already been resolved, or if it has never had those issues. Like i said, mechanic said everything worked fine. The 2000 doesn't have that EGR system, but the truck looks like it's been sitting for months. Mechanic hasn't seen the truck, but the motor sounds healthy to me. The odometer shows 152k miles. The cement drum looks like it wasn't taken care of much, still spins though. Should I consider buying the 2004, even with the risk of the EGR problems. Or go for the 2000? The lot both trucks are in will fix any electrical issue and paint the drum and cab of which ever truck I buy, but i'm not worried about that. worried about problems down the road.
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