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  1. Hello. I did not know the tool. I am checking his website. The downside is that it is only in English. It looks very interesting. For now we are seeing importing the Volvo Vocom II tool for our mechanic.
  2. Believe me, I don't like spending the money. But in Chile South America there are not many alternatives. However with this mechanic we have learned a lot from the MP8 and D13 engines. For example, the fault that they bring in the gear that goes in the distribution which is loose and we have intervened it before it does more damage. I'll let you know if we fix the problem. Greetings.
  3. We agreed to remove the injectors and observe how far they have changed color and showing the damage to the Orings. We are going to change all the cups and oring. Then I will tell you
  4. When you mean cups. It is to the injector sleeves and orings. The injectors I don't think is the cause. The other mechanic told me very sure that it was the cups and orings. This MP8 engine is the same as the D13 Volvo and Renault. and he has a lot of experience in D13 Volvo
  5. When the engine is stopped for more than a day, it sometimes takes a long time to start. Vibration occurs when it begins to fail. It seems like an injection problem, however it later normalizes. That is the doubt since it is rare for it to normalize and function normally
  6. Hello. I have a Mack vision pinnacle 2011. It goes normal and suddenly begins to fail losing power, also begins to vibrate after a while it normalizes for hundreds of kilometers. Sometimes when I stop and start the march again it starts to fail. It does not throw any fault code. We have checked it on the computer and nothing. I think it may be something mechanical. But I have been told that there are two injectors failing others that the problem is the sleeves and oring of injectors. I need ideas. Thanks from Patagonia.
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