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  1. My shifter has h-d-n-r Yes, I expected it to crawl when i shifted into 1st direct My shift sequence according to the sticker is 1D 1H 2D 2H etc...
  2. So it shouldn't be stolen when I shift into first? Regardless of whether I give it gas or not
  3. Hi guys, New here. I just bought an 87 Mack R688st. First, I wanted to say thanks because I was able to fix a bunch of things on the truck just off of the information I found on this forum, so it's been invaluable. Anyway, I have a 12 speed e6 350. (I'm a new driver) Having a bit of an issue with the truck stalling, wondering if I should be doing something different. I turn the truck on. Build up air. Push in the brakes. Push in the clutch shift the truck to 1st direct and then the truck stalls. My question is: Should I be revving the truck as I'm letting off the clutch to get into 1st gear? Do I need to rev up a certain rpm? I.e. shift into 1st at 1200 rpm? Thanks guys
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