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  1. Hello just recently purchased my first truck for my sewer business. Cool back story on the truck, I use to operate this truck for a pervious employer years ago. Many long hot summers and blistering cold winters here in central Illinois I have shared with this old truck. This truck has always performed well and when the opportunity arose I took it and purchased it not just for nostalgic reasons, this is a true tank. I have been learning lots and always looking for some more insight and knowledge on these older model Mack trucks. If any one cares to share any information, maintenance tips etc. I would really appreciate it. Far as I know it is running the EM7 300hp engine with the Maxidyne 5 speed transmission, only got @160,000 miles on it. It is a pumper truck with a Moro M8 vacuum pump which still kicks plenty ass on all seasons. I will another post asking for some advice on how to increase turning radius on my right side but besides that truck is running like a champ. Thanks in advance for any helpful tips or information. Eric Bustamante Alpha Drains LLC
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