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  1. I recently got code P226C(turbocharger boos slow response) on my mp8, ive checked the turbo, checked the couplers for leaks, checked the egr, even bypassed the DPF/exhaust to see if it was clogged, open MP8 sounds AMAZING btw! It started last night with a really loud whiney noise when under throttle then i hit a pothole and it went "back to normal" noise wise BUT i was really slow picking up speed. I look at my boost gauge and it gets 1psi pedal to the floor! Ill be doing a boost pressure test tomorrow but id like to know if any of you have dealt with this before? According to Mack changi
  2. Yeah they even discontinued the mp10 here. Whereas you guys even have the superliner pushing almost 700HP! Probably, i tried looking up the article but i couldnt even find that. It was a black 2 axle truck, single turbo. And the convo was about making Mack trucks have a compound turbo set up for more power or something like that. Guess ill just have to give Mack body builder a ring to see what they can do without bending me over since i can just tell the price will not be good haha
  3. I have the 505, they said itll bump me up to 550 with the tune, but id like a bit more power and torque just for the fun of it since im more into power and tuning than i am into shiny parts. And of course, paying 4-5k for a 45HP increase is straight up robbery! Sometimes i wish i went with a cummins or cat since theyre more modifiable but i love my mack haha. I read on here some guy was pushing crazy amounts of HP with the MP8 doing some type of races but i dont remember if hes still active here
  4. no i wont be in any drag competitions haha its mostly a "i want big power i need big power" kinda thing. Although from my business accounting point of view, less time spent going up those west coast grades = more time being spent on more productive things lol. I just want a little more power for the time being, for fun, and then when i retire the truck i want to go full 800HP just becuase itll be cool!
  5. Hello fellow mack truck lovers, so my question is there any performance upgrades for the MP8? I know the dealer can up the power by 50HP but they will charge me 4-5.5k(technician info) which is STOOPID expensive for what ill be getting! I know i could also go thru the body builder and have them make out a 800hp but i wanna save that as last resort. Bully, as far as i know the only one, makes a turbo manifold too. This will be a slow-ish process and i know my transmission will be limiting me as well. Any advice? Thanks in advance
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