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  1. Hi, Pulled the cam and lifters from my em7-300. The rollers are all chewed up. Cam not so bad. Anybody have experience with this? Please help identify the cause. Attached photo. thanks, paul
  2. Yep did just what jojo said. Reached up and felt the roller it’s all rough. Found the problem. I’m guessing right way is to replace cam and all lifters? As for the dripping liner. . Can I replace one liner or re seal and reuse if it’s in spec? Any recommendation of re using or replacing head and rocker bolts? Thanks
  3. Hi, I have a 2001 CL 713 with a EM7–300. The engine runs good however, it has a terrible intermittent squeak that resonates throughout the engine. The noise goes away sometimes for weeks Until recently it’s gotten a lot worse. Sound like it’s coming from the cam area #1 cylinder. Pulled the pan expecting to find metal but was clean. Pulled the EUPs and rollers all looked fine including guid pins and cam lobes. HRings all check ok. From underneath a couple intake and exhaust cam lobes Show some spalling and minor scratches but nothing chewed up. Anybody have an idea what might be
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