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  1. I got an email notification around midday today that I received a message on the forum. I waited until this evening to log on and check it. When I got logged on there was no new message. Could this have been one of those?
  2. Adam, I am a follower of your YouTube. I really have enjoyed your videos. How is the deputy dog? Need to see more videos.
  3. I want to say thanks for the kind words. I have replaced battery cable ends and it barks without a boost now! I had to replace a heater core hose and fix an injector line. Today I was checking my slack adjusters when I was surprised that there were no front brakes. Not even a place to bolt any on the truck. I never realized they were optional until I found a thread in this forum. My ignorance knows no bounds. Lol
  4. When I was a boy on the farm in the Mississippi River delta; I would see “Big Rigs” drive by our farm on the highway. I was simply fascinated by them. My school newspaper did an interview on my class when I was in first grade. All of the kids in my class were asked what we wanted to do when we grew up? My answer was “drive a big rig”. We had C 60 single with a 36’ neighbors trailer that dad used to haul grain from the field to the elevator. Man I couldn’t wait until I got to drive it. I was about 13 when I drove it from our shed to the field by myself. I was tickled as I could be. I dro
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