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  1. Hello, I have a 1981 F Model that I am trying to save from the crusher. It was towed until a front wheel froze up and came off, they continued to tow it dragging the steering knuckle. I believe that I would be better off replacing the whole axle. It has a FAW536 axle under it, what other axles will fit? LKQ has a bunch of axles but not sure which 1 I need. Most of their listing's have the axle assembly number (3QH590M), my axle assembly number is 1QHA5309P8. Thank You
  2. Hello, I am looking for the passenger side front spindle for a 1981 F Model Mack, If not the spindle I would be interested in a complete front axle set up for disc wheels (not spokes). Trying to save the old girl from the crusher if I can get her back on her feet. Thanks
  3. Hello

    1. CXU613


      My Green ABF Freight CXU is back from it's make over and she is beautiful.


    2. CXU613


      with a little bit of work and some Rusteez Medicated Bumper ointment.


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