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  1. I am in dire need of a thermostat housing that mounts off the side of the intercooler for my truck. Went to replace the thermostat and ended up breaking the housing in the process of removing it (I know, I know.. classic.) Pictures of the one I need are identical to the images below. Apparently Mack doesn't support the part anymore 😕 If anyone has one please call me @ 42565598965 or email me ASAP. dirteagle@hotmail.com
  2. Here is one more... Guy on Oldschool Trucking group on facebook posted!
  3. Hello All! I recently purchased an RL686 dump truck that I'm planning to put on the road, was previously owned by Ace Paving Co. out of Bremerton WA, and am looking to see if anyone has any cool stories or pictures associated with the company with these trucks! A long shot, but a good shot I'm sure... Here's a video of one this guy found down south, RWL-770-LST lowboy truck: And my truck:
  4. Hey all you truckers! New O/O here going into business fairly soon here, I've just bought a 77 R686 with an E6-350 and a T1070 6 speed that I'm putting back together. I guess these trucks came from a company out of Bremerton WA that used to pull pup trailers behind them, truck was last registered about 15 years ago. I do see a few Mack's out here in western WA that have the same paint scheme with the spade on the front that are still running! I'm very curious to hear stories from anyone that may know of the company that originally owned these trucks; what it was like pulling a pup with these trucks (I understand that it was probably pretty slow!) and any notable experiences in these trucks? Anyone else currently/previously haul 90k+ GVW loads with setups like this? I'm thinking it will be pretty interesting to drive with a load on compared to the RD I drive at my current work, with an 18 and an E7-460...
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