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  1. 880joe can you send pics of axle with numbers on it? Should take 4” springs with spread of 34.5” inch.
  2. Do you still have the axle? Could possibly be a 16k front with single steering box? Thanks
  3. Thanks guys. From what I gather, the Superliner 16k and 20k fronts have a 4” width leaf spring with a spread of 54”?(can’t remember actually distance). I just did a complete 20k swap into a 1986 super rw700 with 3406b. it was hard to find it. Looking for another, 14klb front takes a beating hauling heavy, 50 ton plus loads. I also read any MH model will have a front end that will work.
  4. Looking for superliner RW 16,000lb OR 20,000lb front axle with spindles. Front cut off would be nice with steering boxes and leaf springs, hangers, if possible. Name your price.
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