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  1. Hi, I'm attempting to connect the trans/transfer case pictured above to my truck's transmission. My truck uses a 1480 u-joint in a flange that looks like the one in the boyceequipment link below. https://www.boyceequipment.com/product-page/2-5-ton-driveline-flange-mtd250c I need to use the same u-joints at least on the same jack shaft. I can't find anyone with a flange larger than a 1550 for my truck's transmission and Spicer never made a u-joint flange or flange yoke for that aux trans box above smaller than a 1610 series. However I did find a picture of
  2. I bought a L-model fire truck once. It was a fully-enclosed crew-cab that was sitting next to a green lawn like those in the picture. The owner claimed it sat there more than 15 years. I knew it was not running but I bought it based only on pictures. When it was finally towed to my place, I was very disappointed. What the seller failed to tell me is that the lawn sprinklers have been spraying the side of the truck every night all those years. That one side was so rusted out, bottom half of doors, floors, everything, the truck could not be restored. So I'm just saying, be careful with ol
  3. Sometimes on-line is not all that helpful. I had to call 22 different places that claim to specialize in vintage truck transmission parts, some of which on-line claimed to have the gear in stock before I found one place that had my gear. To me I think that transfer case is mostly used in the 2.5 ton military trucks. Probably could get the information on a forum like Steel Soldiers. Or try a place like Boyce Equipment in Utah - they are an expert with transfer cases and custom modifications and they sell the parts for you to do it yourself. I see on their web site they also sell complete
  4. It actually came from a 1980 Autocar with a 6-71 T engine. The other side has the provision for engaging or disengaging the front axle with indicator switch. That's why that bottom, forward facing U-joint stands off from the transfer case proper. It came with air-controlled front axle engagement control. But, surprisingly, General Truck in Chicago had, in stock, the kit to convert the transfer case from air to manual front axle engage / disengagement. Must not have been much call over the years for that kit. I wish I would have asked how many he had, but I was just so surprised he had an
  5. Hi, In case anyone is curious, just thought I'd post a picture of the actual gear box I will be working on. It's very rare but fortunately many of the parts are the same as a R8341 transmission but also many are not. The Spicer 738 parts book calls out most of the different parts, but hopefully I will never need any of those unique parts. No extra spare parts unique to this combination were ever manufactured or distributed to service dealers. Any special parts were made as needed. And Spicer advanced tech support did a search of all their microfiche files and a service manual was nev
  6. They told me their warehouse is the size of three football fields so slow moving parts tend to get lost. It's only because the parts were entered into their computer that they knew they were there somewhere. Wish I could go there to just look - would probably load my truck up with all kinds of cool parts. I could be mistaken, but, I believe TTC bought part of Spicer's transmission division, then Tremec bought it from TTC and moved everything to Mexico. I've been told that since the move to Mexico, the quality of what they do manufacture has really gone downhill.
  7. Thank you, Sir for the reply. About a week ago General Truck in Chicago told me they did not have any, despite what the internet said. Today, a few minutes ago they called and told me they found a box of them in the back of their warehouse - 66 of them in that box. But I agree with the post above - if you can find any R8341's for a reasonable price, grab it. Here's my standing offer, I'll pay a minimum of $250, and possibly more for any R8341-E's you find in a junkyard. All older parts for any Dana/Spicer trans has been discontinued since Tremec bought out Spicer's transmission divi
  8. Hi, It's been a long time since I've been here. I hope I'm posting in the correct section. I'm looking for a Dana/Spicer 4-speed auxiliary transmission gear, new or good used. This transmission was used in Mack trucks, most likely in the '80's. The transmission is a Dana/Spicer R8341-E and the 4th speed main shaft gear is Dana/Spicer part number 70-8-56. I do not know how to cross this Spicer part number to a Mack part number, but if anyone can find the Mack part number, I'm sure it would help me to find this gear. Perhaps a Hollander Interchange manual might have the info? O
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