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    Trucks, alternate fuels, flight, spacecraft, biology, forestry, fishing, NPR, astrophysics, quantum theory, archaeology, Mandarin Chinese, First Nations cultures and languages, Native arts & crafts, star-quilting, travel, dancing, good music, and of course, GIRLS.
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  1. Meet “Large Marge.” Finally fed-up with the nepotism, cronyism, and downright incompetence in academia, I finally resigned my post, hung up my professor hat, scraped together all my life savings, and bought a 2015 Mack Pinnacle — just in time for the coronavirus outbreak. So while everyone else has been getting laid off, quarantined, and locked down, I have been quite busy hammering the highways, moving medical supplies, hand sanitizer, and even toilet paper!
  2. Just your average, everyday, military veteran/breast cancer widower/First Nations Indian werewolf clawing his way through life.


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