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  1. Thanks everyone for your information. When no one responded to my original post during the first week, I assumed my question was too elementary to warrant discussion and put BigMackTrucks on the back burner. Also, I have been dealing with the insurance company, finding a place to move the truck and hiring a mechanic who is knowledgeable, reliable and honest, along with my other obligations. I will post some pictures so the system I have can be identified. I want to learn what I can so I'm able to use the information when future situations arise and hopefully pass it along to help othe
  2. I live in south central Missouri and last Fall purchased a B-61 tandem axle Mack dump truck with the quadramatic transmission. I have no experience with a vehicle like this but, wanted to own an American made truck, that helped build America, before I became too old. I had driven it very little this year and decided last week I should begin to familiarize myself with operating the twin gear shifts. After traveling the highway a few miles a fire developed in the engine compartment. The fire department, police and a tow truck all arrived on the scene and when the smoke cleared the tow truck
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