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  1. Can anyone tell me if there is anywhere in Australia that can test and repair Mack or Bosch electronic modules?
  2. Can anyone tell me if it is true, that a new FIC module can only be fitted by a dealer?
  3. So after nagging the dealer, they say that it is either a faulty FIC module, or faulty power supply to the FIC module. They say that if the FIC module has to be replaced, it has to be done by them, and that it is not possible for me to do it myself. Is this true? 600 km round trip, plus whatever they charge for doing the job. As yet, they have not given me any price or availability. But they are going to ring me back. They haven't. They also are unable to tell me where the FIC module gets its power from. But they are going to find a wiring diagram for me and then ring me back. They haven't.
  4. Perhaps you could call your local dealer and ask for technical assistance? They will tell you that there is nobody on the morning shift who can help, but there may be someone on the afternoon shift who may be able to, or to try ringing the national head office interstate. When you ring interstate, they tell you that you are not allowed to ring from interstate, and to ring the dealer in your own state. When you explain that the local state dealer told you to ring them, they put you through to somebody else, who you repeat all the story to, and they tell you that they will ring you back. After several days, they won't have rung you back. So you try the state dealer again, this time the afternoon shift. The person who you talk to seems interested and tells you that the only reason the morning shift couldn't help, is because they couldn't be bothered opening some books and reading them. He says he will look through the books and ask someone else who knows about these things, and ring you back. After several days, he won't have rung you back........
  5. I have a 1994 model CHR with EN7-400 V-MAC engine. Occasionally the engine will shut down, without warning, for no reason. When it happens, I get two fault codes: 6-2 Date Line Input (Proprietary) no signal. 6-3 SAE/ATA J1708 Serial Line No Signal. If it shuts down while driving, turning the key off and then on again will often reset it, and while in motion it will roll start. But sometimes it won't, and you have to start it with the starter motor. Which is normally not ideal to do while trying to drive, corner, in traffic, etc. I have been given the troubleshooting chart for the two codes from Mack. But the trouble is, that when it is in the workshop, the fault codes are not present, and the tests all show that it is all working properly. If it shuts down in a convenient place in the yard, I can run the tests, but the steps say that you have to turn off the key before unplugging the loom from the ECM, and doing this always resets it and then there is nothing wrong again. There is no pattern to the random shut downs - hot day, cold day, pulling hard, pulling light, coasting, engine brake on, engine brake off, top gear, middle gear, occasionally during a gearshift, occasionally while idling. Sometimes it may do hundreds of kilometres without fault, then do it a few times within a couple of hours. It's rather annoying. I have checked over the loom visually, and repaired a couple of slightly rubbed wires, replaced a pin in the ECM connector, but it is very difficult to access all of the loom. Any suggestions? Any problem spots in the loom that I may not be aware of?
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