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  1. 29 minutes ago, General Ike said:

    The truck is an hour a way in Ocala.  This is the only photo of the drivers side engine compartment that I could find.  Full disclosure, I am nearly positive this motor came out of a front end loader or dump truck that was wrecked.  The Borough of Gettysburg did the work in house but those folks are long gone.  It was done in the late '70's  early '80's.  I was active in the FD from 1996-2000 and purchased the truck in 2005 or so.  It'll be some time before I can get to Ocala, so this pic is all I've got to share.  I do not recall there being any custom welds or modifications on the exhaust manifold.

    B85F Engine.jpg

    Thank you for the Info.  I think I have mounted about where yours is.  Looks like your exhaust runs forward.  My truck in Non-Turbo so i think I should send it out the back.  If I can make a 45 degree bend about an inch from the manifold clamp...I think I can get it.  Thanks for the pic.  If you ever get up that way and want to snap a few pics I would love to add them to my posts.  Just for other weirdos putting Detroit's in B-Models.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Rob said:

    Seen a couple of 6-71 Detroit engines in a B-61 chassis several years ago. Never worked with them, just knew the owners and both were transplants.

    Also have seen a 6V-71 installed into a B-61 and it took little modification to be a slip fit.

    Yes with a doghouse or nose extension it will fit.  I didn't want to modify the look or make a dog house.  Could have put in a 6v71 but couldn't find one when I got the 6v53.  I now know where there is a 6v71.

  3. So here it is.  I know a lot of people aren't too happy to see a "Slime green Dripoit" in a B, but I have my reasons.  None of them are hauling 20 ton up Mt Everest or winning the Indy 500.  Just love the sound of a Detroit and the look of a B-Model.  Had to get pretty creative with the drivers side engine mount.  The steering box was in the way. So i built a engine mount that brings the Detroit mount forward 4".  Then I had to make a frame mount that could "Sqeeze" back under the steering box as far back as possible.  My first attempt I tried using the stock Mack frame mounts.  Even using my homemade engine mounts (reversed side to side from the picture) they would not bring the engine forward enough to clear the firewall or allow an exhaust manifold to be installed in any direction. This was the best solution I could figure out. Exhaust manifold will still be tricky.  I have built the other side frame mount and I am able to use the stock Detroit Engine mount(Sorry no pic it was late last night when I got it built and the paint was drying".   Now to the cradle front mount... 



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  4. On 8/12/2020 at 10:18 PM, Maddog13407 said:

    all depends what you wanna do with it. 401 is great to drive around empty or haulin a load of potato chips. otherwise they were underpowered and overworked. motor swap or chassis swap. few things come to mind if you just want a driver is an 80s or 90s ford F600 or bigger, usually had a 8.2 diesel or a 3208 cat or a B cummins if your lucky

    Could I run an 8.2 against the little duplex?  I have a silly idea...What if I put a 300 6 in it.  125hp and 250ft/lbs, about the same as the 401.  

  5. 1 hour ago, mowerman said:

    Oh absolutely you need to do what you want to do that was just a suggestion easiest way to cure the problem plenty of parts around just a matter of changing a couple of motormounts driveline shopIf I were you I would start asking around especially on here p.m. Chevy 41 is usually the best source.... good luck... bob

    Thanks I will PM once I get her home.  If all goes well she will be in my garage tonight. 

  6. 1 hour ago, mowerman said:

    429 Ford and a c6 not that hard to replace with updated drive train good luck... bob

    Kind of had that thought, but I think I want diesel.  My father had a 1974 International Fleetstar with a 6-71 Detroit.  The best sounding engine IMO.  I know they arent power houses and they leak oil,  but they are tough and would be cool. 

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