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  1. Thank you all for the helpful replies, I appreciate it and will post my results when I get time to troubleshoot. Great knowledge here, I appreciate your willingness to share and have patience with this Mack Newbie.
  2. I will definitely post progress pics...I’m actually pretty excited about this truck and its potential. Thank you!
  3. Where did you get the air ram for the air cleaner? I’d love to get one for mine! BEAUTIFUL truck! Nice work & thanks for sharing!
  4. Truck: 1992 DM690S Engine: E7-250 Transmission: Maxitorque 7-Speed While backing my new-to-me (auction win) 1992 DM690S off of stepdeck trailer, the single air tank on passenger side got hung up on the trailer and broke a couple of air fittings off...the delivery driver was backing the Mack off of trailer and pulled the Emergency Stop lever next to ignition. I quickly bush-fixed the broken fittings and when we tried to restart the truck to finish the removal, there was no power whatsoever. The battery cables were corroded and crap, and the batteries were listed as “Weak - Need
  5. Hello everyone, Recently had my first Mack truck delivered from the Midwest; it’s a 1992 Mack DM690S...looks to have been a cement mixer at one time, and then converted into a water tender. Has a double frame, camelback suspension, E7-250 engine & 7-speed transmission. The water tanker body is older than the truck, but doesn’t appear to have any leaks. Of course the pump and all spray attachments have been removed. I bought it to use around our farm property here in Utah, but I like it so much that it will undoubtedly get fixed up quite a bit...already looking at some salvage
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