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  1. I have a set of four vintage Mack hubcaps for sale. They were incorrect for the wheels on our B85. I did clean them (I have some before and after pictures if interested) and they look good. I believe these are for E and A models. If interested text me at (717) 433-1551 or email me at gwdressler@aol.com and make an offer. Thanks!! Glenn Dressler
  2. Good morning! Did not switch to the Pertronix yet. We got sidetracked with some other issues that required machining new parts for the drive line. The ignition switch over will occur sometime this winter. I'll get you those part numbers ASAP, unless one of the other fine folks on here beats me to it. This is definitely the place to get answers and help. Good luck! Glenn
  3. A big thank you to all who have responded and helped us along the way with this project (especially Firemack!). Much progress has been made. We had several parts re-machined and some made new via CNC. Reassembly is in the new future. On another note, if anyone needs a shop for machining, welding, cutting, or CNC work I cannot say enough good things about Dave Amon of D&M Fabrication in Jerseytown, PA. (570) 594-6727. Dave has a work ethic that has to be seen to believe, and a love for old things being made new. He took on our project and turned it out in three weeks and far exceeded
  4. Thanks to all of you for the great info and leads. I will make phone calls today. The Facebook poster is actually my brother. I try and avoid social media because I would probably end up getting in trouble.😄 I will keep you all posted! Glenn
  5. Thank you, I'll give them a look!
  6. Last year we bought a 1955 B-85 open-cab pumper that had been stored uncovered for over 30 years in an old building. This engine has significant sentimental value for my family. When initially recovered it ran and drove. Our local heavy truck mechanic (also well-versed in fire equipment) has been working on it this year. Electrical issues and other problems were solved. He's been working on the transfer case for some time. It was full of water and bearings. He called tonight with the news that it is shot, and there are no parts. I am not a mechanic, but here is what he told me it would need:
  7. Great information guys. Thanks!! We did make the conversion already to a spin-on oil filter, and the air cleaner is next. We are going to make the ignition system change to Pertronix. Standby for more questions... Cheers! Glenn
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome and all of the information! Kinda feels like a firehouse kitchen table around here. 👍 I'll be making calls tomorrow to get the ball rolling. Can't wait to get her out on the road. It's our turn to give dad a ride! Cheers! Glenn
  9. I'm a lifelong fan of Mack trucks, and as I approach retirement from the fire department I can finally say I am the proud owner, along with my family, of a B85 pumper! Not just any Mack, but THE Mack that my father drove me and my brothers around in when we were children. Finding it and acquiring it makes for a cool story for another time. What I am looking for with some immediacy is information on the ignition system. It is in the shop, and the mechanic is having issues with the distributor. Where is a good place to start looking for components of the ignition system? It is a gas 707 wit
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