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  1. I am no expert by all means, When the 470 runs out of fuel you must slacken off ALL the fuel pipes from the EUP's and the head to injectors make shure they are all loose pump the hand primer till fuel comes out of all 6. Turn motor over when it fires tighten them up and it should be good...
  2. ALL sensors and engine harness new 6 new EUP's the only things that are original are my altenator and air cond comp. Used to have 29/30 boost now with 27/28. I was thinking may be Ambient air temp sensor Seems to de rate less early in the morning when the air temp is cool during the day it de rates a lot more. All this is on my ECM We used the old ecm because it has a program to give it a little more power. They are going to put the ecm off the new engine on today and put the extra power program in see if that fixes things. Now just may be it has a bug in the old ECM we will find out.
  3. Well, have have complete Reman engine installed. The old engine used to derate sometimes, didn't last for long i knew it had a crook No 1 eup. New engine derates on and off all day wastegate abnormal signal response. The dealer had it for a day ended up saying " we don't know whats wrong with it" bring it back next week. Just about over them. Any idea's please. ?
  4. No i don't have the centre hub it is still on the cam the engine is going to Mack for the re man one. See if i can get a pic next week. Pretty big dealer though that don't mean much as the calibur of some jobs leaves a lot to be desired latley..
  5. Well the damage is done ex valves kissed the pistons, so heads need to be checked rods need to checked. Full in chassis re build less than 100.000 k's ago new cam shaft 78.000 k's in stead mucking around i bit the bullet and ordered a complete re man engine saving all the labour cost of re building the engine again. I am still on sedation but i will get over it ah well...
  6. For got to say E7 470 CCRS .
  7. 2 months out of warranty dealer says bad luck. I would say they did not support it properly when pressing off and on nobody i talk to has ever seen one fail like that before any ideas please..
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