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  1. I’m in the market to upgrade our twin stick R model to an automatic granite dump. My dad drives it most the time and as he’s aging I’d like to make daily life easier on him. Looking for a used granite with an Allison but have heard mixed things about these newer emissions trucks. Is there a certain year range that’s better than another? For example 2014+ has less issues than the 2013 and older? Thanks for any help I’m more of an equipment guy and don’t know much about these trucks.
  2. Hooked it up to this connection. It works now but it stays on all the time including idle so I’m guessing that’s not where it goes.
  3. EM6-237 , sorry meant to put that in the post
  4. I have a 84 R model. It has the Mack dynatard engine brake. It used to work fine but hasn’t for about a year. I want to replace the wiring because it has become chaffed and broken in places. This is where I need some help. The wire come out of the firewall then hooks to each valve cover but after that I don’t know where it goes as it’s missing. Any help would be appreciated. EM6-237 engine
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