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  1. my truck is a 2008 chu613 with mp8 ...what year engines will swap with out problems ?
  2. that was the one i was talking about ....
  3. nobody knows if they reused harmonic balancer but today i pulled trans and drained it oh my god at the metal ..pull shifter cover and input shaft its a snap ring with washers the housing is broken and snap ring was just spinning on shaft so i think bearing is also gone ...now im looking for a trans and engine lol my luck
  4. ok ours did that on front drive axle drivers side is a small solenoid its hill assist solenoid i think its called and its aimed at front rear right at frame
  5. Thats it im new to this shop old mech is gone ..all i have is broken parts lol ..
  6. ok Guys bear with me ..i havent work at this shop but 2 years and this truck has engine sitting in floor for 6 years ...first engine had clutch replaced and old mech put in pilot bearing with snap ring on it ...ok i get why it broke that crank shaft ...now 2nd engine no snap ring on pilot bearing and it broke crank in 15000 miles this was a mack reman ..and boss didnt have a mech at the time to pull it before warranty ran out ....my question is can i have transmission problems now to break this crank ..im the clean up mech ..i get the shit everyone else has played with but not fixed at least its not torn apart and in buckets lol
  7. Mack is up and running …………….THANKS GUYS
  8. ok re did valve adjustment ...loosen push rod spring adjuster rocker arm did the .010 on end of Yoke and spring under rocker on same yoke and checked with pressure on end on rocker for drag did the .045 under spring under rocker for push rod adjustment now I don't have 6inch pound screw driver so I snugged it down till closed and loosed a lil bit did .045 still under and .024 under end of rocker to yoke pulled .045 out and checked .024 again its a lil tight but snug ...this seem right the manual is hard to read tiny writing lol old eyes
  9. if its not in snail of turbo could it make it into aftercooler ?
  10. Cat engine spit the broken piece into number 6
  11. This is a caterpillar 815 compactor I know not a mack or a truck but ..I found this one 5 years ago and took pics to prove it... Complain of compactor was light tapping in engine but its so loud no muffler hard to hear tap..but I hear miss in engine Cylinder number 4 on head its one piece head btw
  12. ill take turbo apart and look but I was thinking after cooler ..ive looked every where ..intake manifold and exhaust manifold but I haven't taking turbo apart I will just to see
  13. I did looks Great no damage any where ….put other head and everything looks Great ...I cant figure out where that broken piece went too
  14. Oh piston got hit a couple times but looks great and so is liner
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