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  1. Gents, all sensors have been repaired, rewired and the truck runs beautifully again. Thanks much Pedigreed Bulldog and Big Dog!!!!
  2. Thanks much Big Dog. Appreciate the fast response and clarification. So this is clearly all sensor related. I tested all sensors and they worked, except one, which had a faulty wire. But I am thinking of buying a new lumen wiring. Would you recommend me buying a spanking new one, or is there maybe a scrapmetal yard that has used new lumen available?
  3. Well, thanks for the response. We had checked all three sensors. Engine speed, transmission and I think pressure sensor. We replaced all sensors, and we had a faulty wire and the reading on a diagnostic laptop disappeared. The Allison gearbox selected swiftly and responded great. However, as soon as we moved 30ft the engine shot down. I applied the same arrow up and down that Pedigreed Bulldog recommended. We now have an error code 12511. I am getting frustrated guys, the garbage truck pays for my living, and at the moment both my trucks are giving trouble. What am I not seeing???
  4. The code reads 12214. What does that mean
  5. The shifter is a button. Allison Gearbox. I will try and attempt your recommendation. I presume based on the code(s) one is able to identify the problem?
  6. Where would I be able to see that? On the board computer or do I have to read it out?
  7. Hello All, I have a Mack e tech 2001, which gives me grief. The transmission allows us to place it into "R" at which she reverses fine. The problem is "D", with that mode we only move forward in a crawling speed. As soon as we apply acceleration she shuts down. What is my problem???
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