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  1. I’ve never understood why the DM series has the strange cabs, does anyone know the reason for it?
  2. So I’ve saved up a bit more money for a Rolloff truck. I found a 08 pinnacle 13sp mp8 with 172k miles on it. Just looking for some info on the common problems with the motor and year. thanks
  3. I’m wondering if a block heater can be added, I think in the winter it would really help starting
  4. Dumb question, but did all trucks come with block heaters? Or is that an option?
  5. So there’s a few trucks that I want to look at, they are about 6 hours away thought so I need to learn as much as I can first 1: 2000 Mack rd688 with 770k miles 2: 2001 Mack rd600 with 239k miles with an new reman engine (supposedly) 3: 1997 Mack rd688 with 380k miles 4: 1988 Mack rd688 with 700k miles 5: 2000 Mack rd688w with 421k I think the lowest mile truck would probably be the best but I’m not sure how many miles is too many to consider
  6. I’m looking to buy a Rolloff truck and am looking for some info on the e7 motor in Mack’s from 1997-03 those are the years I’m looking at. I’ve found a few trucks that the mileage Ranges from 200-300k miles and 300-800k miles. How many miles can these engines go before a rebuild? Should I avoid the higher mileage trucks? thanks!
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