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  1. Ok thanks everyone. I’ll keep you updated.
  2. From the pics is it safe to say the engine in this truck is a endt865 237hp ?
  3. The truck was running as it should when parked 20 years ago, the father had stopped farming and recently passed, living to almost 90. His sons now own the truck an are ready to let it go and that’s who I’ve been talking with about it. Will the rear differentials and suspension interchange with a 1985 r686 without a lot of modifications? Thanks
  4. Found this old R setting in a field last summer/fall and the owner just now got around to calling me about it. Think it’s a R600, it has a V8 motor and the 2 stick tranny maybe late 60s early 70s. It has been 15-20 years since it ran last and it has a Lime spreader for a bed on it. I really don’t need it but would like to have it (lol) so the owner wants me to make an offer. What is it and what y’all think?
  5. Terry It is not a plug, prolly where a plug was supposed to go IF it had a wet clutch lol. I wasn't sure about it which was the reason for asking, the bottom plate and grease tube threw me off, just dbl checking since its my first big truck . Thanks everyone.
  6. Recently purchased a R686ST that has a Mack T2090 Mack reman transmission. On the passenger side near the bell housing it says, wet clutch only fill with automatic transmission fluid. What reservoir is it referring to? And will appreciate any tips or info on maintenance/dos and don’ts Thanks.
  7. Yes the truck in the photos, sorry for not being clear on that. Thx again everyone for the comments and advice. Brandon.
  8. Well fellas just wanted to post that I’m a owner of an r model Mack. The Mack dealer said the motor it came out with was an E6 300 the transmission was a T2090 9 speed OD and the gear ratio was 464. Transmission has a tag that confirms it is a T2090 Mack reman on September of 1990. Looking to get started on a complete fluids change and service. It runs great and is really fast. The rpms at wide open throttle are at 2350-2400 I read somewhere that it should be 2100. Is that an indicator of a air leak or a turned up fuel pump and do I need to be concerned and have it set back? Thx
  9. 10-4 on the rubber bushed 34. The tag behind the fuel pump is gone, this is the # on the passenger side of the block. Any indicators on motor size? And it’s a 9 or 10 speed Mack transmission, looked under it today. 239GB5410A-P2
  10. Not for sure if the the truck has 34 rears and rubber bushed red horse, and the owner doesn’t know either lol. I’ll try n get some pics tonight then post them. Thx
  11. Thanks everyone for the comments. I'll think a few days on it make a decision and post what was decided. Thx again
  12. Hancock. A tractor and trailer would be very nice but the terrain here at my place would make it very difficult, which is why a small truck will be more convenient. Do u think the suspension would be ok as long as the load is at or below the 34,000lbs? Any Ideas on engine size? Oh yeah if it makes a difference the truck has only hauled 4 loads of dirt with the dump bed and that was the only times it was off the highway.
  13. Single rail frame with no rust but I think it’s been painted in the past. I forgot to mention that I think it’s an air ride cab because they’re 2 small air bags and 2 shocks at the rear of the cab. It also has a air dryer. Any ideas what type of suspension this is? It has 3 leafs and 2 shocks per side.
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