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  1. Have several MP8's/D13 I see on regular basis and observe injector percentages+/- up to 20-25% variance at any given time although typical variance is 5-10%. This particular one has new injector cup and injector in #2 cylinder. Prior readings were very similar. Cylinder balance/contribution test is very close range (less than 5 rpm variance between cylinders). Can't remember dynamic compression results. Engine has good power and decent MPG. pulls 39' end dump most of the time. Scanner does not show trim codes as installed on any of these engines although other makes of engines I see are shown
  2. 2015 MP8 injector trim correction number running consistently -35% on #2 cyl others are low/mid single digits +/-. Also how critical are injector trim codes?
  3. Tech question on MP8 Injector trim %'s skew to 35-40% negative Thoughts? lso how critical are injector trim codes?

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