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  1. Found communication wire rubbed through seeing copper. Fixed it and left panel on floor with vecu. Test drove same result. Did notice when engine load dropped thats when the problem occurs. It goes from 100% to 70% and cuts the fuel rate back. When it jumps back up to 100 i get the fuel rate and power back. Hope this helps to help me fix this problem thanks.
  2. Let me try to clarify. It doesn't miss or sound like the engine brake comes on. The fuel rate goes from 19.... to 10 to 12 and thats when i noticed the fuel pressure on the mechanical gauge jumping back and forth. I have the gauge fastened to the wiper and boost gauge on the other wiper. When your accelerating or cruising it stays steady. Then when it acts up It flucuates when the fuel rate drops and your throttle pedal was never moved. If you let up on off on the pedal and back on it will start climbing like normal. Also I'm watching the percent value on the pedal and that stays consistent
  3. If the gear slipped would it recover the way it does.its steady at 70 at idle and goes up as rpm increases.never goes over 80 psi.
  4. I pressure checked charge air system. Checked grounds at starter and fixed bad connection on frame. Pulled both connectors on EECU no coolant or oil. Just came back from road test when it derate fuel rate. fuel pressure starts fluctuating violently between 60 and 80 psi. When it's not derating its steady. I changed the boost sensor and intake temp sensor also. Could EUP o rings cause this. I used a bubble gauge on lift pump outlet at idle and wide open no bubbles but not under load.
  5. This just started sometimes it won't recover for awhile. You could pull a hill and it might stay down at 12 . Is it still the 12b flash file that is needed. The truck was fine before this started happening.
  6. It's not a dead spot or slow response. I can have my foot in it at 100% and watching the fuel rate it's at 19 then all of a sudden it drops to 12 and you can feel the power loss. Keep the throttle in the same position and it will climb back to 19.you can watch it on the screen and the throttle percent never changes.
  7. 370 ami non egr. Intermittent loss of power. No codes, fuel pressure 70-80 under load. Boost 30 plus. Watching fuel rate 19.5 mph than drops to 12 and engine loses power until it jumps back up to 19. Feels like a 2 stroke when it hits the power band. Trans is an 8LL
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