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  1. Yes the lightning bolt is there but I wouldn't have a clue what the codes are do not have a code reader
  2. So look at it this way we couldn't get it going until I removed the return line on the side of the block and put my finger over the fitting to try and restrict the high volume of diesel coming out while cranking that's when it then started Ran like crap after that but kept running and kept flowing high amounts of diesel out of fitting thanks
  3. Hello there everyone I am having some trouble with my mack E7 engine with jake brakes 2003 470hp the truck just had a rebuild done but having problems with the fuel system starts up fine but found issue at the fuel return valve on the block once the truck starts a lot of diesel comes out of the return, the injectors have been done and re conditioned would anyone know what else could be causing so much diesel to return thanks
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