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  1. this is a 1948 mack ej formerly rockport eng 3, became a forest fire truck for a short time. sold from the town in the mid 1980s, bought by a local welder who removed the continental 6 cylender and installed the 453 detroit diesel, 2600 pound double reduction rears, air brakes, 8 speed road ranger trans.,converted to 12 volts and was used as a welders truck for about 25 years, i got it about 16 years ago, rebuilt the motor head, and radiator, and did some body work and painted it, had to sel it about 15 years ago and have not seen it until today on line[09-13-19] would like to hear from the owner of the truck, and would like to see it again please contact me . it is great the truck is still around and running. feel free to call my cell phone at 978-767-0218
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