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  1. Yea that's a what I figured. Jus really wanted to make sure it was right as it seems every truck has a different set up. Thanks for that
  2. Hi guys, currently rebuilding my Mack 470 and wondering if anyone knows which way the fire rings go when pressing around the liner on the block? It's a PAI kit and doesn't state which way they go as 1 side is concaved and the other is flat. I'm assuming it's flat side down but would like to know 100%. Thanks Tom
  3. Hi mate, I downloaded a workshop manual from online. Can't remember the site but can find out if you still need. As for the kit I just went with a ccrs 1 to be safe. Went with a PAI Industries kit. If you're from Australia that was the cheapest and I got it from Gleemans truck parts.
  4. Would the pistons possibly be a different depth or something? Might just take the drive with a rod and piston and compare but would like to definitely know if its possible.
  5. Hi guys. As its impossible to find any information on the Australian built EA470 macks can someone please tell me if there is any difference in the bottom ends with the standard E-tech and the CCRS? Rebuilding the bottom end and can get a kit cheap for a standard E-tech but mine's a CCRS model. Are there any differences with the bottom end? Thanks. Tom
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