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  1. I was actually sent here by a guy in a FB group talking about you Joe. I found the other thread where you had stated you may have a parts list??? Is there a chance you still have that and I could get a copy of it? You could fax or email it to me. That would be a huge help Soni could start gathering stuff over time and maybe do the swap next winter. Thanx!!!
  2. New here. Have a 98 CH single screw set back axle tractor. Super solid and very mechanically sound. Registered as an RV and I pull my custom made 52' "crawler hauler" gooseneck with it. I'm looking into information to convert the truck to a set forward axle. I have a few yards close to me with a ton of Mack trucks in them thanx to all the dumps and mixer trucks in the Midwest. Would love a list of things I could modify it move myself vs a list of things that need to be sourced from another truck. ANY help would be greatly appreciated!
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