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  1. Talked to a local diesel shop on Friday, they say to fix the governor springs up right I would need to replace them with tighter ones. I guess they make all different ones for the diesel pickup guys who run higher rpms. I definately do not want to compromise the durability of this truck. We really like them for on farm work. They make great grain haulers! We have a nice 2003 KW T800 as well, it's my preferred truck for longer hauls. But, I am always working on that one it seems. The old dogs are super reliable. My engine model is just a straight E6-300, according to the engine tag. No other letters.
  2. I will look on Monday and see for sure what engine models we have in these trucks. The truck in question has acted this way as long as we have owned it, around 15 years or so. Thanks everyone for the posts so far.
  3. I thought that line supplied boost pressure to the AFC (puff limiter). Are you saying putting a little vacuum to it is just a way to check it? I have excellent power at low to mid rpms, I have slid the fuel plate foward and adjusted the star wheel under the AFC a couple clicks. It just will not hold power at high rpms, gradually and smoothly "derates" itself.
  4. Have read that article before, but thanks for the reference. I'm wondering if it's possible to tighten them too much, and mess things up? Or while it's off just go ahead and either tighten them up a lot, or replace the springs with stiffer ones? What happens if the springs are tighter than they need to be, and the pump allows full fuel to higher rpms than the engine governs at?
  5. New to the site, hopefully this post is in the right spot. We have 3- '89 R686ST tractors with a Bosch P7100 fuel pumps. One begins cutting back the fuel at about 1650-1700 rpms, which doesnt give us as much top end power as the others. A friend of mine has dealt with that pump on his 5.9 Cummins in his pickup, and lent me the tool to adjust the pump governor springs. He said to tighten the springs, that should make for higher rpms with full fuel before it begins pinching it down. But he didn't have any idea how much to tighten them. The access plate to the governor springs is in between the pump and the engine block, so to adjust it I have to take the pump off. Anyone have any idea how much to tighten the springs, so hopefully I don't have to take it off and back on several times? I would like full power up to 2000 or 2100. Thank you.
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