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  1. Hey! I got a 1996 Mack CH613 from my grandfather just before he passed away last August, he didn’t really tell me a whole lot about what was wrong with the truck but he did tell me that it had been sitting for 11 years and he had parked it beside his garage when he thought the peanut gear or peanuts went in the differential and he told me that a Mack mechanic told him it was the peanut gear, so just recently me and my dad went to see if we could get it going again, long story short after changing the fuel filters and making sure it wasn’t seized it fired up and when we tried to move it, I put it in gear and nothing happened so I flipped my power divider on and it would move but seemed to be slipping and about every 25-30ft it would make a loud Bang noise and feel like something was binding in the read end, I don’t know much about Mack differentials but if it is a peanut gear what would a peanut gear cost? and what exactly does a peanut too?
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