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  1. Does anyone happen to know the correct oil spec and capacity of an 865 v8? If anyone happens to know the oil filter number that would be great too, I came up with a 33219 wix number
  2. Would anyone happen to have the oil filter number for one of these 865’s?
  3. Wow thank you, this is awesome, that will work great!
  4. Thank you guys! I got the right parts finally!
  5. Rob, it does have the dynatard on it, If I can actually do it without the tool, I’d try it, but if I could see the procedure that would be awesome!
  6. Does anyone know the procedure to set valves on an 865? I have a book but it’s for the E9. I’m lookin for what I should be setting the valves at
  7. From what I’ve gathered, the 865 is the predecessor of the E9, would those gaskets and stat be the same? I called both Mack and watts, waiting to hear back, the Mack dealer sold me some gaskets for the E9-400, I’m hoping those will be the same, I should have them sometime next week
  8. I’m needing a part number or a source to find a head gasket and thermostat for my 76 Mack v8
  9. I have a 76 Mack with a v8 ENDTB865, I blew a head gasket and can’t seem to find a part number, the nearest dealer is no help. Does anyone have a number or an idea? I figured I would also change the thermostat and I’ve been striking out there too, any info would be appreciated, I’m thinking the bad head gasket should solve my coolant system pressure issue
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