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  1. Firemack, how do you physically adjust the timing? Should I be able to turn the distributors or is there another method to do this? I've got a 1951 with a 707A and the distributors feel loose when I loosen the hold-downs but won't rotate. Thanks in advance, FireMech307
  2. CaptainCrutch, thank you for the response. I did reach out to the museum so hopefully in a month or two I'll have some good information. Does that 707B have dual distributors? The issue we're having is that the distributors don't want to turn to be adjusted. Maybe that's not the way to adjust the timing?
  3. I am looking for some service info for a EN-707A engine in our 1951 85LS pumper. I'm interested specifically in the ignition timing procedure, but could definitely use as much info as possible. I haven't contacted the historical museum as of yet.
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