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  1. Everything turns to dust here. It might not look like much, but here it's repairable, take off the doors, and remove anything else in the way and start at the bottom and a couple sheets of steel. I still haven't got the okay to buy it. And the title is probably still in the last owners name lost to time. He's in his 80s now.
  2. The cab is rough, the rest is nice. Body work isn't a problem for me. I want a project, not something ready to go. Buying a car would be more practical. But less fun.
  3. Yes sir. I imagine it's what I'll do. What else am I saving money for. I have another 35 years before retirement lol
  4. Nah, its just a toy to tool around in. It does have a really cushy thick foam seat in it. No rips in it. But I don;t think its going to have the same bounce and sway as a Volvo 780 xD
  5. Hes looking for the paperwork for it. He couldnt find the paperwork for the tanker trailer either and I got it out of the tube on the frame. Maybe i should have looked for it. lol
  6. Right, airbags, tires, im a little slow, forgive me.
  7. The gutter itself is mostly rot off, but no holes that i can find on the inside, headliner is still in it. Its full of dust and ancient cow shit so I didn't do a whole lot of digging. Just wanted to see if the frame was alright, I could find a cab if I wanted but it wouldn't take much to make some patch panels and fix it the right way. I say this now, but the pressure washer might reveal who knows what. I was just surprised at the shiny gold paint under all of that dust on the engine.
  8. Not a single air bag to be found on it. Straight from pothole to spine. And i'd love every second. I'll see if I can upload some pictures. Looking at the picture now its just a 237 Maxi with a turbo, only one pipe to the air cleaner.
  9. I think you're right. It's got a turbo on it and the after cooler. My 2015 Volvo has more crust on it than this thing running in Canada. And a cab is no big deal on these. Well, it might have an after cooler, I don't know exactly what's what. I just like it.
  10. A friend of mine got a R model with a farm he bought. He's been trying to sell it for 6k, I offered 3k. I've been driving for 6 years and would like to have a toy to work on. The frame/tanks/springs/break Chambers/engine still have paint (gold valve cover, fancy), no cracks in the double frame, and the cab has some crusty spots, hood is perfect. Was just used at a cement plant hauling gravel then the farm and shows 345397 miles and the hour meter has 7409 hours (has a pto). With a battery and a can of starting fluid it should fire up, last ran 2 years ago has been kept in the barn since 1985(last sticker on it). Twin stick with Lo-Direct+reverse on the 2nd stick (6-speed?). I want it, am I crazy? Or crazy if I don't buy it.
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