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  1. Hey everyone i got 2007 Mack chn613 which came with Mack transmission but I jst swapped it with Eaton transmission everything went smooth but now when I drive it the rpm is very high can’t go no faster than 40 mph what should I do?
  2. The head gasket is good and I did put new head gasket too but there is oil leaking from the turbo tho
  3. I got CHN613 that has white smoke and takes a lots of oil and has no leak I’ve changed the whole head cuz there was oil in the manifold but still smokes and takes lot of oil not sure if it’s the turbo or the piston ring or something else. Thanks!
  4. Thanks truckers it was all the compressor it just went out now with the new compressor it’s running like champ👌👌👌
  5. I just checked and there is no suction at all so I think I might have bad air compressor here thanks
  6. Hello everyone I’ve got 2007 Mack chn613 that’s been really good to me for the past few years but now it just stoped building air at all I’ve checked the air governor looks fine asking anyone that can tell me what the problem might be and how to fix it? THANKS!
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