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  1. looking for the air pipes from the tip turbine to the air cleaner
  2. looking for the air pipe from the tip turbine to the air cleaner i have the air cleaner
  3. do i need a Bigger turbo for the 237 when i put the tip turbine on it
  4. 1987 RD685P single axel double frame extreme cold snow plow truck from Niles Michigan only driven 110,000 original miles.
  5. ok so it would be better to find a engine like a 285 with a tip turbine on it
  6. my name is Erik i am form Hampshire Illinois i have a Mack 1987 Rd685P i have drove Mack trucks since i was 18 years old started in a GMC with 5 and a 4 Browning trans. then moved to a Mack RL700L v8 5 speed 2 stick looking to meat new people.
  7. Looking for a Mack Tip Turbine Assembly or any info. E6 237 into a 285
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