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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  2. Hi everyone my name is Doug and I just got done reading 6 pages of search results for the older B model macks. A little bit about me is in order I guess so here it goes. I spent the last 40 years working as a mechanic, working on everything from cushman metermaid scooters to over the road tractors. But mostly I worked with a bunch of guys that kept a fleet of police cars on the road. Being retired I've been looking for a project to start. and I started combing the internet in search of something. I love the older trucks and hope to find something. However it seems that with all the recent reality TV shows that are showing everything from restorations to picking and wanting a "bad ass" vehicle, has the prices of obtaining these older trucks or anything of that matter is skyrocketing. Not to mention the parts to repair and rebuild have become very scarce. The older B Model Macks have sparked an interest in particular the B61 and the B67. Although I've worked on OTR trucks I don't have much experience with the Mack brand. From what I do know, Macks used mostly their own manufactured components engines, transmissions and axles. I'm well aware of the Cummins, Cat and Detroit diesels but know little of the Mack engines in the B models. Well that's about it so I'll keep searching, reading and asking questions. thanks.
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