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  1. Appreciate the bump and the greeting. Any new Mack Anthem owners experiencing this condition as well? -Tom
  2. Need help! Bought a 2020 Mack Anthem, we've had it for 4 weeks and the brakes are squealing so loud that I can hear it while i'm on the phone with the driver. Condition exists mostly at low speeds less than 15mph but has also occurred at higher speeds less frequently. I have asked the lead mechanic at my local shop and his instruction was as follows: "I just spoke to your driver. I explained to him about the steer brakes, that they are Reduced Stopping Distance Brakes (RDS shoes). "The brake material is so hard and aggressive, they have tendency to squeal. We where advised from the brake manufacturer that it will take some time for the brake shoes to burnish (wear in) into the drums. Any questions let me know. Thanks" Mike Pierquet Service Advisor My driver has tried to burnish the brakes by depressing them hard at low speeds with a load on many times and continues to try it daily but the condition of a loud squeal still persists. We currently have 10K on the truck, wondering if anyone else has experienced this condition or can advice on a remedy. Hope to hear from you soon.
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