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  1. I have pictures of all the documentation I'm trying to upload it but for some reason Everytime I try to upload it comes up error and won't let me upload
  2. To be honest I'm not exactly sure all the documentation and paperwork just say it was built as a experimental truck for the pa factory shop . I don't know if they we're experimenting with different drivetrain or cab style or what I haven't had the time to sit down and compare it to other trucks the same year and look into it more.
  3. Yes that is the truck it was the only one built for a experimental truck for Allentown PA factory shop I have all the build sheets and the letter from the Mack museum about the truck being the only one built as a experimental model
  4. Yes I will try to upload photos when I do it seems to kick my photo out
  5. It's a 1937 ej model . It is kinda partially restored with a wrecker boom on the back of it .
  6. Hi everyone my name is Chris Sampson I just recently purchased a 1937 Mack that had been on here years ago . I purchased the truck out of VA it was a 1of1 experimental truck built for Allentown PA factory shop with all documentation and letter from the Mack museum . The truck was sold to a gentleman that had a body shop and converted into a wrecker and use the truck for over 35 years . I plan to start full restoration here shortly and get her back to her former glory and take it to shows and take the wife and son out to parades in it . Be sure to check back for progress on here or you can watch my company page on Facebook c.sampsonmechanical I'm out of stmarys country Maryland thank you Chris Sampson
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