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  1. Kind of what I was thinking. Seems to me that a Cummins in a 3208 cab might be a problem. But a 6v92. In a 6-71 should work ok. And Detroit to Detroit might help too. Now all I need Todd is find a good complete one not too far away. Oh yeah cheap too
  2. I know this is a Mack forum but there isn't much for GMC forums. Solo I'm looking at a Brig, it's cheap and runs goodbut the cab is beyond saving. It has a 6v92 and the only cabs I can find are Cummins or 6-71. Is it possible to use one of them? I assume the doghouse is longer and the shiftier hole further back, but that I can fix. Any thoughts? Thanks!!
  3. Thanks Guys! Shift it like a 9 and if it bogs it's a 10. Great Idea. It's an old Brigadier that sits at my son in laws. Going to go down and fool around with it a bit. It might follow me home.
  4. This might be a stupid question but..... If you get in a unfamiliar truck and there is no shift pattern tag on the dash how do you tell the difference between a 9sp and a 10sp since there is a hole over there.
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