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  1. The engine is an all manual pump engine with a ReMack pump in it from Mack only a few thousand miles ago. But the pump was put in a couple years ago by the guy I bought it from who used the truck only a little bit. The engine has 24000 plus hours on it, mostly idle time 139000 miles.
  2. The trans is a 2070 seven speed. I just would like the engine to pull harder. I drove a 94 back in the early 2000's and it would pull real good with an easton fuller 8LL in it. It would make 24lbs of boost and the stack temp never went up over 900. I'm just hopping I can make this engine pull like that 94 did?
  3. Hi guys I'm new to this forum and owning trucks also. I bought a 1995 Mack RD690 with a 300hp EM7 engine. It's machanical pump E7 engine and I'd like to turn it to a 350hp or maybe a bit more? How do you turn up the 300 to a 350? Is it just injectors or it's way more than that like a pump injectors and a turbo? Thanks for any help given.
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