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  1. When I click on edit there is no option saying compress picture . Im not techy enough to figure it out.
  2. The plate on the door just says model B-61 T. The serial number is 47255. That is the only info on it.
  3. The pic I try to upload is only 3.2 Mb but I get a message saying the upload failed.
  4. I tried to upload a photo of the tag but it wouldnt take it. I will try it again.
  5. I just bought an old Mack truck b-61 series cab for a ratrod project. It has a vacuum wiper pump still on the fire wall. I want to register it but I would like to find out what year is was made. I have pictures of it including the serial number from a plate on the passenger door. Is there anyone who can help me with this ?
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