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  1. Our MP8 is leaking fuel out of the injector pump I checked the lines and they are tight so I was hoping that someone might have experience with this and could give me an idea what I might have to do. I see that it looks like the pump runs off of the flywheel and is a tough spot to get to .We have two of these units and they are both leaking . Thank You all for your help and God Bless Steve
  2. I serviced my boss's 2008 Mack tri axle dump and I found the crankcase vent unit is leaking oil pretty bad . I hoping someone could tell me if I just need to change the unit or it could be blow by Thanks Steve
  3. I have to change an abs sensor on a 2008 mack tri axle dump and I am wondering if I will have to reset abs lite or it will do it on its own Thanks Steven
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