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  1. yah no rookie here mack only buys 2 front axles for a rd or granite one is for 10-12 14000lbs the other is 16-18-20000lbs the cert is by spring ,steering box, brakes ,tires, for rears i am not sure what the difference is on 44s and 46s camel back there both bronze , i know 38s and 44s is hardened dont know if its springs i doubt its brakes or bearings or axles any knowledge would be greatfull thanks jn.
  2. does anyone know the difference between mack camel back 44000 suspension and 46000 suspension is it in the springs also front axle 18000 dule steering box and 20000 front axle im pretty sure the front axle is just spring nothing else but dont know about the difference on the rears any help would be great it is a2010 gu800 thanks astroman
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