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  1. Here’s a few pictures I took of the bulldog today. My plan is to go through it a make a super nice rig out of her! We couldn’t get the door stickers off with the heat gun and they are not representative of the current owner. I’m going to try one of those eraser/buffer wheels. 208” wheelbase
  2. We got it running today. Runs good but needs 4 new batteries which I expected. Cleaned the tag on the top of the valve cover. It is indeed an E6M. 7 speed transmission with the air shift for low, high and N which I assume is neutral?? Can anyone confirm what the position (N) would be used for??? I need a filter kit. Can anyone copy a post for the filter kit needed for this engine? Looks like it has 2 long oil filters plus one other shorter filter in front of the longer oil filters but it doesn’t look like the slinger filters I’ve seen pictures of?? Looks to only have one fuel filter on the other side of the engine up front on the passenger side. That’s the one I really need as I’m sure it’s needs some attention. Of course the number on it was not visible as I guess it was on the inside. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Thank you sir! I’ll get a rag and some cleaner and see if I can find the tags. The previous owner thinks the ratio he ran was .417 and 38k# rear axles Do you think the 1990 model engine was designated a EM7 or just E7 ? And what was the difference ? Jeff
  4. Can anyone help me with the rear ratio and weight rating from this picture below? It’s the markings on the top of the rear diff. The tag/label on the side of the diff is un readable. The previous owner told me it has the 300 maxidyne, 7 speed combo thanks
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