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  1. Hey Mack technician! Thank you for the response! I’m looking foreword to seeing what you shared with me!
  2. Hello big Mack truck members! Glad to be here! I’m a first time blogger so pls let me know if I’m doing this wrong. Also new in joining here although have searched for relevant info to my Mack woes here before. I appreciate any and all help I receive here! We bought a used 06 Mack cv713 427 straight turbo (ASET I believe?) 18spd Mack trans. A couple years ago from a private seller. Have had it a while now. This truck started out ok but has increasingly had poor acceleration. It sometimes will sputter off the line. At times starts to accelerate strong but then almost seems to derate power (no engine light illuminates) as the pedal turns to mush and I watch my boost drop. then usually within 2 to 5 seconds (after any momentum I’ve built has been lost) will come back to life and boost returns to normal range. This sometimes will happen several times in each gear. Needless to say it takes a long time to get up to road speed. It rarely happens over 1600 rpm. We’ve spent a lot of money trying to get to the bottom of this and magically the mechanic at Mack can never get it to act up even after two ride alongs and the dyno they recommended to me went flawlessly as well so it must be a figment of my imagination. I have codes for 2 unit pumps although this problem continues despite prior unit pump replacements which leads me to blelieve it’s not related. Any info is greatly appreciated!
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