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  1. AGPARTS! Perfect, they have it, it's a super reasonable price considering and I now look like a superstar to the boss! Thanks Hayseed. Thanks also to all the others that have offered advice and assistance.
  2. That reman part number you've provided, there are apparently two left in the country... unfortunately at around $2500 plus shipping. So now, the boss is just trying to figure if spending that much is worth it. Thank you to everybody for the assistance! You're all awesome.
  3. It is an MS250P actually according to the VIN
  4. Trying to find a water pump for an '89 Mack Midliner (I believe an M200). All the dealerships I've contacted said the part is "No Longer Available". The part number they gave me is 4103-5010450736, and I'm hoping to find one that does not cost more than the truck is worth. Hope somebody out there can help. This truck runs great, but is 30 years old and has half a billion miles on it, just needs some work now. Thanks! Rob
  5. I have an old '89 Mack Midliner (I believe an M200, but it may be a 250 or 300) that runs great, but I am having a hard time with finding a water pump for it. I believe the part number is 4103-5010450736. Anybody out there know where I may be able to find one that doesn't cost more than the actual value of the truck? Thanks! Rob
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