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  1. JMaro4321

    Looking for more horse power

    thanks big dog -that guy is pretty sharp,and reasonably priced too.thanks for the tip -
  2. Hello fellers -Does anyone know if a 2003 CV713 cab and hood will fit on the frame a 2001 RD? I'm not looking to fabricate brackets or anything im asking if this would be interchangeable - thanks in advance
  3. JMaro4321

    Looking for more horse power

    I have a 2001 Mack RD with an E7 motor 350 hp. I just want to know if the pistons and the crank are the same as a 427 hp. Can i change the turbo and the fuel pump to get it up to that horse power or is there more I have to do? Any advice would be helpful. thanks again, the rolling turtle
  4. JMaro4321

    Electronic Malfunction light

    Hello all- I have a 2001 RD and have an "electronic malfunction" light that comes on once every two weeks for a minute and a half then goes away-any ideas anyone? and can anyone recommend a good scanner for this year truck- not looking to spend a lot on the scanner...Thanks everyone in advance...john

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