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  1. The air compressor sounds fine when you first start up the truck and is good until it gets to about 115 lbs then has a loud rattle until the drier pops off. After that it'll sound normal for a bit then begin to rattle again until the drier pops off. What should I look for or replace?
  2. Dealer was in Dallas owner was in Shreveport. I asked her didn't do the work.
  3. Sorry idle rpm is 650 ish. I wasn't sure if a bad valve would cause blow by, I was hoping it was a symptom because it has no blow by. It still smokes black hard after the exhaust leak fix.
  4. It builds good boost pressure, after i repaired the massive exhaust leaks. Someone before me has been messing around with the injection pump. I bought it from a dealer. The previous owner died and the dealer repossessed all his trucks. Would there be blow by if it dropped a seat? It idles extremely smooth.
  5. I'm not using it yet. The vibration didn't seem to show up until 2 hours into the drive home with it. I figured it is serious.
  6. I bought a cl713 1999 with a e9 and a 18 speed. It has a vibration at higher rpm from 1300 and up. It does it with it clutched or not. It seems to fall on it's face above 1300 rpm and smokes a ton threw all rpm range, especially in the low rpm. Is there anything I need to be looking for? I'm used to running a b model cat. So this engine is foreign to me. I tried to search but didn't come up with much. Thanks
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